Italian Pannetone

Our Italian Pannetone is back for this Christmas season!

As some of our guests know, we grow and feed our own levain or affectionately known as mother dough (天然酵母).

It has to be kept at the right temperature at all times, be fed everyday and allowed to “breathe”. This process has gone on for years since we started bread production.

This natural yeast base lends a depth of flavour to our small batch breads, otherwise not found when you use commercial yeast.

The typical crusted mushroom  top of a properly proofed & baked pannetone made with “mother dough” always makes me look forward to eating it.

So how should you enjoy Pannetone?

When the craving comes for something light and sweet (but not to sweet) at night or for a simple breakfast do this:

1.  Slice using a saw knife to 1 inch thickness.
2.  Heat up to medium a small non stick pan.
3.  Melt good quality butter and slap face down to toast the Pannetone slice.
4.  Once the citrus aroma emerges and a light golden browning occurs, flip over the bread and do the same.

Once toasted it will be super soft and it will look like how it is in the photo.  Enjoy w a cup of iced milk, tea or coffee.

Trust me, a little bit of effort does go a long way and it is worth it!

Our Pannetones are available in original citrus & golden raisins or with dark chocolate!

Order yours early to avoid disappointment!☺️

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