• Handcrafted Pastry

    “I'll admit I was worried initially but this is by far one of the best cakes I've ever had! Everyone who ate it today loved it. I'm beyond happy. Thanks again and see you soon.”

    -Allyson, Birthday Event
  • Créme Brȗlée

    Absolutely in love with their Créme Brȗlée, the fast service, the calming atmosphere and the great coffee! But the surprising part, I am actually quite intrigue and amazed with the recent Pistachios Créme Brȗlée.

    -Melodee, Enjoying The Food
  • Handcrafted Pastry

    Hi Uncle Melvin! Thanks for the amazing cake. I really liked the design and the taste was just exquisite. Thanks for putting in so much effort for my cake!

    -Chloe, Her Unbirthday Cake
  • Mango Charlotte Cake

    My order for today!!! We all love it, each cut is so neat. Overflowing mango, the sides weren't too dry, the whole cake is yummiliciously great!!! Again, the only complaint is not enough. Hahahaz..."

    -Regina, Birthday Event

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